Herbalife Nutrition Plans

Herbalife Nutrition Plans have been carefully designed to kickstart your wellness goals.

Whether you are seeking to manage your weight sustainably, trying to build muscle mass, or simply looking to improve your overall wellness – our extensive plans offer combinations of products that have been meticulously selected to help you along your journey.

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Healthy Weight Loss

Our Healthy Weight Loss plans is our most popular plan. Replacing two meals a day with our Formula 1 shakes mixed with Oat Apple Fibre can help you reach your goals. We have different Healthy Weight Loss products are packed with various vitamins, minerals and nutrients – check out our Healthy Weight Loss plans and discover how Herbalife Nutrition can help you on your journey to better Nutrition.

Ideal Breakfast

The Ideal Breakfast plan has been carefully designed to help you kick-start your wellness goals. Replace one meal a day with our delicious Formula 1 shakes for a nutrient-rich and calorie-controlled breakfast. Explore Herbalife Nutrition’s selection of Ideal Breakfast plans and find the one that is right for you.

Sports and Fitness

These Sports and Fitness plans has been designed for the 24-hour athlete. Whatever your fitness and nutrition goals might be, they have been carefully crafted to support you on your journey. Browse through our options and find the plan that best fits your sports and fitness needs.

Wellness Upgrade

If you are truly dedicated to achieving a healthy lifestyle, then the Wellness Upgrade plans is what you need. Boost your nutrition and reap the benefits of our plans, carefully designed to help you reach your goals.