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Marie Hubbard

Are You Interested In Herbalife?


Are you interested in Herbalife nutrition? Looking to lose weight, build muscle or even improve your health to the maximum, then you've come to the right place.

Winning Back Wellness is a nutrition and supplement company providing vitamin and mineral supplements, protein products, exercise advice and more!

I'm dedicated to educating you on the relationship between good health, balanced nutrition and healthy, active life, exercise and supporting you every step of your journey, whatever your goals may be.


Nutrition is a vital component of our health and wellbeing.  It has proven that our nutritional habits could lead to ill health and increase risks of many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and much more.

Nutrition is the process of consuming food substances by which growth, repair and maintenance of the body is complete.  It involves ingestion, digestion, absorption, assimilation and excretion.


In Simple Terms:


Nutrition – The substances that you take into your body as food and the way that they influence your health.


A well-balanced diet can prevent such conditions, improve our health, energy levels and our overall wellbeing.


It's a well-known fact that food is something that we cannot live without.  Food affects almost everything we do.  It affects how we look, feel and act.  It even affects our abilities – how well we function every day.

We need food because it supplies nutrients – substances which provide our bodies with energy, growth and of course, help to build and repair tissues, all of which our bodies require to function correctly.  Without the correct amounts of nutrients, our health may suffer.


Nutrients are in all foods that we eat be they good or bad - (I will cover the groups of nutrients in my blogs over time).  Nutrients are stored by our body in various forms and drawn upon when the food intake is not sufficient - (starvation, deprivation).


So, what are the nutrients? There are seven classes of nutrient: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Fibre, Water, Vitamins and Minerals.  Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are energy tissues because they provide carbon (fuel) which can be 'burned' for energy production.  We require different amounts of the following nutrients.  Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibre and water are macronutrients ('macro' meaning large), which means that we require large amounts of these nutrients daily.


Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients ('micro' meaning small).  Although our bodies require minor or trace amounts, do NOT underestimate their importance as the consequences of their absence are severe.


In Summary:


Nutrients - are chemical components needed by the body to provide energy, to build and repair tissues and to regulate the life process.

I provide all you need to achieve your goals and be a healthier new you along with your commitment and drive to change your old habits and exercise routine (if you have one!) succeed.

So, take the first step now and grab our free Wellness Profile check.

What I can help with:

  • Healthy Weight loss

  • Weight gain

  • Weight management

  • Get toned up 

  • Get ripped

  • Gain more energy  

  • Get in the best shape of your life 

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle 

  • Digestive health

  • Heart health

  • Stress management

  • Immune health

  • Women's health

  • Healthy ageing

  • Men's health

  • Children's health

  • Energy & fitness

  • Outer nutrition 

Meet Marie


Marie's is a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor from Basingstoke, Hampshire.

She hadn't always been into exercise and nutrition - in fact the complete opposite!  Until she discovered Herbalife back in 2013 and that was the start of a complete change of life - a Healthy one!​