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Marie Hubbard


Healthy Herbalife Nutrition Blogs

Welcome to our Healthy Nutrition Blogs from Herbalife, here are some fascinating blogs which focus on health, fitness, nutrition and more. My aim is to provide information, either through research, experience, opinions and/or personal stories where appropriate. I also aim to provide lots of healthy tips and key information to help you to have an understanding of nutrition the benefits and importance of good Herbalife balanced healthy meals - and of course don't forget hydration!


My real passion is helping people live a healthy active lifestyle and to educate to the best of my knowledge how you can do this so that you feel great all day every day.

Having a lack of good nutrition and hydration can cause so many problems, let's take water, for example, someone whose dehydrated can and will experience some if not all of the following symptoms dry mouth, lethargy, muscle weakness, headaches/migraines dizziness these are generally considered to be moderate symptoms of dehydration - what about severe dehydration the impact on our bodies is tremendous such as these symptoms very dry skin, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, sunken eyes, sleepiness, lack of energy, confusion or irritability and even fainting, all because you didn't drink enough water... I talk more about water in my 'The Importance of Water blog, click here to take a look.

As well as informational blogs, I also include some healthy recipes, which you'll love.

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